Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Online web based interpreters

This week I will explore two online web based interpreters and compilers that I find useful when I need to test out or share short pieces of code.


JSfiddle is an onlline front-end code editor that has 4 panes, the first 3 are for HTML, Javascript and CSS and in the forth you see the result.
This lets you easily play around with client side code and test things out , JSfiddle also supports:

  • Saving your fiddle for future use and and sharing with others , examples :
          http://jsfiddle.net/turaaa/UnuxG/2   (riddle 1)
          ElementStacks - JSFiddle
  • Including js libraries like jquery, underscore, angular etc, you can also use old versions of these libraries to test backward compatability.
  • Including any exernal resources
  • ajax, iframes
  • realtime collaboration - you can collaborate with another user on your fiddle and edit it simultaneously. In the screeshot below we see two different browser sessions, and each session the user can see the other users mouse icon

Another usefull online compiler is

IDEone lets you write compile and run code in many different languages. Sometimes its more convinient to test stuff out with this online tool then setting things up in your desktop IDE. The screen has 3 parts,
  • actual code
  • stdin (your codes input that goes to main(String[] args) in java's case)
  • stdout (where you see the result after you run or "ideone" your code)
Supported languages include :

Of course  you can save your code and share it.
Here are some examples  :
java : http://ideone.com/qsYx2a    (riddle 2)
brainf**k : http://ideone.com/EfAMWu    (learning the syntax of this language will f**k your brain )

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